Vayu Technology

Software Design & Development Services

Vayu is what you need

We specialise in test-driven development, user-centered design
& beautiful functioning code.

Why should you choose Vayu?

Made with love

We love software. Work with us & we'll show you why!

Clean design

We write beautiful code that would make an engineer blush

Responsive layouts

Built for mobiles from the outset. We live & breathe responsive design.

We specialise in bespoke software

We can build the ideas in your head and make them a reality

Building better applications

Exceptional development on the web is done with cutting-edge technologies like Ruby, React JS, Vue JS and other modern frameworks. At Vayu, we're polyglots - we use the the latest technology to rapidly bring your projects to fruition. We also understand how to build at scale with containers & Kubernetes in our toolbelt.

We're always discovering and learning. Naturally curious, we stay on top of trends and new technologies to help our clients reach future-facing solutions.