Vayu Technology

Software Design & Development Services

Vayu is what you need

We specialise in test-driven development, user-centered design
& beautiful functioning code.

Why should you choose Vayu?

Made with love

We love software. Work with us & we'll show you why!

Clean design

We write beautiful code that would make an engineer blush

Responsive layouts

Built for mobiles from the outset. We live & breathe responsive design.

We specialise in bespoke software

We can build the ideas in your head and make them a reality

Building better applications

Exceptional development on the web is done with cutting-edge technologies like Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and other modern frameworks. At Vayu, we're polyglots - we use the the latest technology to rapidly bring your projects to fruition

We're always discovering and learning. Naturally curious, we stay on top of trends and new technologies to help our clients reach future-facing solutions.

Meet the team!

We may be small, but apparently good enough to reach the finals of Engine Yards Small Teams, Big Impact with Pasa Trade and Google Demo Day with ConxJobs

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Kisu Rawal

CEO / founder

Jonathan 7e282e39b8445178d6b5c0397df5c1604f8bec171b033733fe9c2a183eeda707

Jonathan Clarke

CTO / founder