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Javascript Developer

We are looking for our latest Javascript developer in Nepal. You'll be part of our growing team and get to make a huge impact on the culture of our organisation. You'll get to work on code for clients as well as succesful products that we have developed ourselves.

  • About us

    We've been around for a long time but have just arrived in Nepal, we focus heavily on delivering value to our clients using Ruby, Javascript, Phoenix and many other languages in a proper Agile manner. Other places talk about work life balance but we really emphasise it – having our people happy is important to us.

    We do both client work, and also build our own products. What you end up doing will depend on what suits you best. It's important to us that you feel like you're being challenged and are supported to continue learning. We work in the construction, publishing, e-commerce, recruitment and design industries. This team is going to be growing very quickly. You will mentor junior developers, train them and teach them what decent Javascript code looks like.

    We have a number of ventures at different stages in the pipeline and are looking for the best software talent.

  • Who we want

    You've been working with Javascript for a long time now, you've seen many problems, tackled a lot of them successfully, ideally you've already written Javascript applications professionally. You're comfortable getting to know exactly you're writing code by speaking and working closely with the customer, and getting that real insight into the problem domain.

    Once you've figured out what the customer actually wants, the code you write will be of a level that makes you proud, you write tests first, you model your applications with extensibility in mind and understand that you're writing for humans not computers.

    Hopefully you've spent some time inside an Agile practice in the past and know how and why it works. Maybe you've spent time in a bad one and you're keen to see how it's meant to be done. If so, we can help.

    We're looking for someone who is always learning and yearns to write professional JS code (not jquery) in one of the best software engineering companies in the country. We like to collaborate and support each other, so rock star personalities need not apply.

    Bonus points if you've used Vue.js, ReactJS or even prefer writing awesome vanilla JS the right way.

  • How to apply

    Send me a CV and cover letter that includes:

    1. Some information about what you've built recently and why you're proud of it
    2. Link to your GitHub/Bitbucket and/or some work you've done recently
    3. Details about why you want to work for us.

    We're based out of Sanepa, Kathmandu. No recruiters please.

    Jonathan Clarke